Reflective slap wraps (snap bands)
Most Popular slap wraps (snap bands) are available in the size 3x30 cm and 3 x 34 cm. But for your needs, with minimum quantity order 1000 pcs, we are able to produce shorter: 3x 25 cm, 3x 40 cm long, and the wider 4x40 cm and even 5 x 40 cm. A wide range of colors gives a choice. Each one has suede at the bottom side which make them comfortable to wear. Simple prints are usually performed on the reflective foil according to the PANTONE color palette, while multicolored logos with tonal gradations we make under the foil and here we suggest you to choose the white color slap wrap. For most demanding customers we offer the highest quality 3M and Reflexsite slap wraps manufactured with European standard EN 13356. These availables only in yellow and white.

Individual productions for customer shaped slap wraps begins from 1000 pieces. If you wish, we are able to produce the band with velcro in different patterns.




We take an utmost care of the safety of all road users therefore you will find a wide range of high-visibility (reflective) items in our offer. Years of experience in customer service when dealing with our clients, such as Yourselfs, allows us to continue our high standards of services. After all, the Company are the PEOPLE. Because we mainly concentrate on health and safety, the quality of our products always meets the expectations of our Clients. We do our best to provide you with the quickest delivery service possible.
It doesn't matter if you are an individual client, you represent the Public Institutions, Local Authority or any other Government Agency, small private Company or International Corporation. What matters to us is You and Your satisfaction. Being able to place your logo on any of the items from our offer will allow you to promote your Company. Your Company will also contribution greatly to promotion of the road safety.